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kim jongin

if you asked jongin to describe his childhood, he wouldn't be able to think of anything in particular that stood out. he grew up in an upper middle class family in seoul, the youngest of three children, coddled from the day he was born. his sisters were successful, popular, outgoing and beautiful while jongin didn't say his first word until he was two years old. his parents enrolled him in every activity they could to try and encourage him out of his shell; piano, violin, taekwondo, soccer, but only one thing ever captured his interest: dance. through dance he could communicate in ways that he couldn't with words, he could command the attention of a whole room without feeling nervous. it quickly consumed his whole life, showing him what it meant to be passionate about something and giving him something to work toward.

high school was difficult for jongin, his struggles with initiating conversations meaning he was more often than not alone. he made a few close friends but still found himself spending most of his time in the library or at the dance studio, books and music being easier to get along with than people. he managed to keep his grades up, thanks to threats from his parents of being pulled out of dance lessons if he didn't, and on graduating he was accepted into yonsei university. with a little coaxing he rushed his dad's former fraternity, his legacy status helping, and his parents continue to be overjoyed that their son is doing normal teenage things. or trying, anyway. they do, however, seem to be hanging onto a hope that he'll drop the dancing for something more practical, and as time goes on they've become more antsy and less supportive.

although he's shy, once his shell has been cracked he's filled with lame jokes and loud laughter. some people may see him as lazy because he's always sleeping, but when it comes to things he's passionate about he's anything but. he has a tendency to be overly touchy with people he's comfortable with, hitting them when he laughs, playing with their hair, leaning against them when he's tired. he sulks when he doesn't get what he wants and isn't afraid to tell people bluntly when he doesn't like something, which can get him in trouble with people not used to him. if you treat him with kindness, you'll find yourself with something akin to a stray puppy who's followed you home.

full name kim jongin band exo journal ~tendu aim until you cant twitter @syncopatings age 19, born january 14, 1996 year sophomore fraternity delta tau delta major dance clubs dance, soccer
his whole demeanor shifts when he's on stage, from a shy, sleepy boy to a much more aggressive, confident counterpart.

needs at least 8 hours of sleep a night to even function, often gets teased for practically sleepwalking around campus

loves animals, especially dogs, has three poodles that he left behind a his parent's house

grew up with two older sisters who loved to dote on him, which his his excuse for why he has trouble getting along with guys

loves spending time in the library reading more than being forced to go out and exercise

has a bookshelf full of manga in his room that tends to be a target of teasing

started out training in ballet and jazz, but his interests have turned to hip hop dancing

plays soccer mostly to please his parents. he'd quit in a second if it interfered with dance.

last year, jongin injured his back dancing. it bothers him nearly every day, but he refuses to admit it.

Likes/Dislikes LIKES video games, anime and manga, tea, chicken, action movies, the sea, hoodies and caps, all dogs, chelsea fc

DISLIKES wearing socks, noisy people, being woken up, black coffee, aegyo, being spoken to when his headphones are in, being told he can't do something